Structure Replacement or Reinforcement in Montreal

Structure Replacement or Reinforcement in Montreal

For more than 20 years, Construction K2 has been offering professional services for structure replacement, repair and reinforcement in Montreal. The interior structure of your house consists mainly of beams and joists, which transfer the weight of the building to the soil via columns.

Structural issues or damage caused by humidity are the principal reasons for carrying out work to strengthen the structure of a building. In addition, you can also undertake structural work to raise up your building in order to excavate your basement and create a living basement space.

Structural Problems

Over time, damaged or rotting beams and joists can threaten the structural integrity of your house and cause significant problems like deformation of floors and the appearance of mould or fissures in your walls or ceilings.

Generally, this damage is caused by humidity being present in your basement. This means that, in certain cases, the repair your house’s structure must be carried out jointly with the repair of its foundation.
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Philip, Montréal

Building Structure Reinforcement

Certain projects also allow you to solidify your structure or enhance or enlarge your interior living space through the use of beams, columns and steel beam reinforcements. In addition to reinforcing the structure of your house, this type of renovation can also significantly increase its value.

Maintaining the structural integrity of your home is one of the best ways to protect your investment and ensure your family’s safety.

Construction K2 offers all the home foundation repair and structural work expertise to bring to rapid and successful completion all your renovation projects or house structure repairs in Montreal. Our objective is to offer simply the best in terms of quality!
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